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A Week-Long Virtual 

Writing Retreat for Scientists

Virtual Faculty
Writing Retreat





(Multiple sessions) July - August, 2024

Priority Registration Date

June 30, 2024

Join us for a virtual,
week-long writing retreat
designed to provide faculty uninterrupted time to focus and enhance accountability.





Why virtual writing retreat?

The rising virtuality and remote nature of work has engendered new challenges that pertain acutely to scientists – increased non-work distractions and digital burnout, heightened sense of isolation, and loosening work structure – all of which hamper deep work.


Deep work, “the batching of hard but important intellectual work into long, uninterrupted stretches,” is an essential work process for scientists that catalyzes optimal productivity, fosters novel ideas, and produces high-quality scholarship (Newport, 2016).

Empowering scientists' writing process with uninterrupted time and space

Virtual Faculty Writing Retreat

About the Retreat

A virtual, week-long faculty writing retreat in a small-group setting. Enhance accountability and carve out uninterrupted time to focus on writing!


  • All medical science researchers are welcome! institutions. We have already partnered with UCSF, Stanford School of Medicine, University of Washington, Johns Hopkins University, University of Hawaii School of Medicine, Western University School of Health Sciences, and more. Sessions will comprise faculty across institutions and research domains.

  • If you are working on grants, papers, conference submissions, or any other writing project. We especially encourage participation from faculty working on grants to best measure program impact.


  • Register by June 30, 2024 and indicate your availability in July-August, 2024 for a week-long, 3-hours per day commitment to focus on grant-writing.  

  • You will be assigned to a small group of ~5 other faculty members. (Participation is limited to one week, one timeslot only.) 

  • Each day, you will log on to your assigned group's Zoom link to work for 3 hours. No phones, no emails, no distractions! You are encouraged to turn your camera and microphone on. 

  • Start of session: goal-setting. Share your progress from yesterday, and your intended tasks for today.

  • End of session: de-brief. Share your progress from today's session.


Start each daily session by sharing your goals

(10-15 min)


Write Independently! 

(Two 5-min breaks) 

(2.5-3 hours)

Debrief your progress with your groupmates 

(10-15 min)

Retreat Schedule

* Participation is limited to one week, one group only.

July 15 - 19, 2024

Week 1      Group A        9 am - 12 pm PST / 12pm - 3pm EST
Group B        1  pm - 4 pm  PST / 4pm - 7pm EST

July 22 - 26, 2024

Week 2     Group A        9 am - 12 pm PST / 12pm - 3pm EST
Group B        1  pm - 4 pm  PST / 4pm - 7pm EST

July 29 - August 2, 2024

Week 3     Group A        9 am - 12 pm PST / 12pm - 3pm EST
Group B        1  pm - 4 pm  PST / 4pm - 7pm EST

August 5 - 9, 2024

Week 4     Group A        9 am - 12 pm PST / 12pm - 3pm EST
Group B        1  pm - 4 pm  PST / 4pm - 7pm EST

About Us

We are a research team based at UC Berkeley, investigating the future of work and inequality at work. 

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